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How To Do Surveys

Ok let's make this easy ok! First your going to be asked a few open minded questions. These questions include what is your age, what is your ethinic, what is your annual income and things like that. If you get past this stage you will go to the next set of questions.

These question will be what products do you buy from the grocery store or what kind of cell phone service do you subscribe too and that sort of thing. Just read these questions carefully and if you go to the next step you well see a next buttone along with the survey page saying congradulations you qualify.

Now you will see a confidential agreemaent that you have to click yes I agree to do the rest of the survey. This is an agreement saying in a nut shell that you will not share anything about the survey that you have taken no video or written text. However you can share how much you made from doing that survey but you are not allowed to say who hosted the survey and so on let me give you an example. I'm sure you heard of the show The Terror on AMC by now. I got paid 7 months before the show even came out by watching video of this exact show. However I could not tell anyone at the time for if I did  I could have been terminated by the site I was doing the survey on and worse I could have been sued by AMC for infigment of copyright and this can be up to a $250,000 fine not including court costs. So just don't share your survey jobs with anyone and you wil be fine. 

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